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Whispered Grace TYG

Gracie is a 2006 chestnut 18h Oldenberg mare. She is an excellent mover with a trusting, affectionate, brave mind. Her DNA comes from champions in both dressage and jumping, since she is a Weltmeyer/Bolero/Grande/Weiswein granddaughter.

She is coursing 2'6"-2'9" hunter/jumper and actively doing Beginner Novice eventing courses (including water jumps, banks, ditches, and brush fences) with some Novice fences thrown in more recently.  She is more whoa than go, making her the ideal lower-level eventer or hunter/jumper, but she has the enthusiasm and ability to go higher if desired. If ridden regularly, she is immediately ridable upon saddling with minimal warm-up, making her ideal for the busy junior or amateur owner.


Her sire, Wonderful, was German Stallion of the Year, based on the winnings of his offspring.   


Reference her sire  (Weltmeyer son, crossed with Bolero)  at:


Sire Pedigree:


Her dam was Winfola, who carried the lines of Grande, a jumper who sired both dressage and jumping horses, and Weisswein, who is of the Hanoverian “F” line, famous for performance horses in both dressage and jumping.


Other Line References:

Here is a video of Whispered Grace:


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