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Horses 3 and Under For Sale


Born August 2019, Fae is a lovely little filly who has the intelligence, heart and natural ability for any discipline (though we think she would be absolutely dynamite at eventing!). Her mother is Didn't You Know (on our "Horses 10-14 yrs Old For Sale" page and her sire is Fabriano. She is incredibly polite and personable, and is currently growing up in a herd environment in our large pastures. 


Our most recent foal, born May 20, 2021, is a sweet, naturally curious, athletic who we expect will be retained on the ranch. 


 Eevee is out of our lovely Oldenburg broodmare Leilani TYG who has natural athleticism, intelligence, and a can-do attitude toward new things.  Her sire is an Irish Thoroughbred who is naturally curious, sweet, and is now a lovely, elegant dressage horse. Eevee inherited all of these positive traits from her parents and we expect her to do incredibly well in any dicipline!

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