Rey (aka Aurora TYG)

Foaled in 2012, Very fancy TOBIANO mare. Expected to mature at 16h. Her maternal line has Rubinstein (a very sought-after Hanoverian blood line who’s offspring have that straight-forward and easy-going brain that we all love). Her maternal grandsire, Rubino Bellissimo, was Grand Prix at 9, and under an 18 yr old, Heidi Bergen, a long listed ParOlympian. Her sire is an Art Deco son with amazing jumping ability. She is very athletic, with lovely, smooth movement and great jumping form. On top of this, Rey has a very smart, brave, and quiet mind. She would make an outstanding eventer!

Rey's Pedigree:

Pedigree of sire:

Information on grandsire Rubino Belissimo:

Pedigree of grandsire Rubino Belissimo:

Pedigree of grandsire Art Deco:

Pedigree of Granddam (also see Crispita's page):


Videos of Aurora:

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