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Rey w/John Strassburger
Rey w/John Strassburger
Rey w/John Strassburger
Rey w/John Strassburger

Rey (aka Aurora TYG)

Rey is a fancy, talented, focused 15.2h, TOBIANO Warmblood German Riding Pony.  She is being sold because her rider/trainer has graduated from college has moved to LA to start her “real” career. 

Rey has been primarily trained in dressage for the past 7 months, and she appears to have FEI potential.  Prior to our losing our trainer and rider Heidi Masem,  she was doing lower-level dressage and training second level movements. She likes going out on tails and was doing hill work for conditioning.  Her off- the-ranch experience includes being started at 5 by a Vaquero (who felt she could easily Piaffe) and a few months training last winter with eventing trainer John Strassburger.  She returned home for Heidi to ride in December 2020 to continuing her dressage training at our ranch in Winters.    She is very athletic, with smooth yet expressive movement.  She has great free jumping form, being chute jumped once a week for variety.

Rey's maternal grandfather, Rubino Bellimissimo (Rubinstein, Bolero, Shogun), was a talented FEI Dressage horse and   and ParOlympician.  He was shown Grand Prix at 9 years old, and then in his teens partnered with an 18 yr old ParOlympian “young rider”, Holly Bergen, who showed him at I-3 with scores in the high 60's, then trained with the USA Team in Gladstone.  Rey's paternal grandfather, Art Deco, an imported Dutch stallion, gave her her striking coloration, and is well known for throwing offspring talented in dressage and eventing.

Rey is very smart , sensitive and forward.  She should make an outstanding dressage partner with a patient, quiet and sensitive intermediate rider. Since she very sensitive to body aids, so she does best with a confident rider who weighs under 145lbs. 


Rey's mother is Roxy TYG (see "Bloodline References" tab). Roxy is Half Hannoverian by a Rubinstein/Bolero stallion, whose offspring are know to have a straight-forward, very trainable, and easy-going brain.   Rey's  Grandfather's name was Rubino Bellissimo,  who was showing Grand Prix at 9. In his later years, ridden by 18 yr. old Heidi Bergen, he was long-listed for the ParaOlympics and trained with the USA team at Gladstone.

Information on grandsire Rubino Belissimo


Rey's paternal grandfather Art Deco,stallions%20in%20the%20country%20today.&text=Art%20Deco%20is%20one%20of,His%20temperament%20is%20outstanding.

Rey's father is an Art Deco/TB registered German Oldenburg who is a hunter. 

carring some of the best “Old sport horse”  TB bloodlines (Saros, Fallow, Pardal, Olden Times, Honeyway, Princely Gift, Ratification, Precipitation).

Rey's Pedigree:

Special thanks to Christina Perea for the use of her pictures!

Videos of Rey:

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