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Raz standing-behind

Razzmataz TYG

Razzmatazz is an affectionate, easy-going and intelligent grandson of Rubinstein, who turned 7 in August.  He is training 2nd level and showing 1st level.  He is jumping small hunter courses and cross country jumps.  He likes going out on the trail.  He has been shown and cliniced and is easy to ride/handle away from home.  She is VERY smart and loves variety, so needs a rider who is confident, quiet, and knows how to ride with body aids rather than with hands.


He could easily be a  “look at me” competitor in the amateur-owner hunter ring, a beautiful and talented presence in the dressage ring, and/or an enthusiastic, incredible eventer.    He is smooth-gated enough for an amateur, but with "eye catching" presence, movement, carriage, and natural ability. He is pictured with a 5'7" long-legged Young Rider. He has a wide barrel and solid "old fashioned Hannovarian" conformation to accommodate a substantial leg. He is brave on trails, straight-forward to train, and thrives on praise and variety. 


Razzmatazz and his dam Lexus at the Oldenberger Verband branding:











Razzmatazz TYG went to his first non-schooling dressage show in August 2016 (the CDS JR/YR Championship show) and carried his young rider to a 2nd place with a score of 69%  Then he went to 3 shows with 3 different amateur riders and always scored above 60%.

Before he came back to the ranch for the winter this year, Razz was coursing cross country and indoor 2'6" jumps, with obvious talent to jump 4 feet (he has lots of jumper DNA in his lineage).

Razzmatazz's full siblings are dressage and eventing horses in forever homes (his full brothers' owners are available as references). They were all slow maturing, reaching their full height at about 16.1h at 7 or 8 years old. Razz is currently 15.3 and still growing withers. He is the last of this cross, due to both his mother and father's unfortunate deaths from old age. 

Razzmatazz's father, Rubino Bellissimo (Rubinstein, Bolero, Shogun), was long-listed for Dressage (under Nicole Perry) and the ParOlympics (under 18-year-old competitor Holly Bergen--I-3 with scores in the high 60's). Rubino Bellissimo also has several offspring winning in the hunter ring.


Razzmatazz's mother carried the jumping lines of Prinz Gaylord, Furioso II, and Lehndorff. She was an incredible mover and jumper and she had several other premium foals.


Information on sire Rubino Belissimo:

Sire Pedigree:

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