Rosall (Phoenix's Sire)
Rosall (Phoenix's Sire)

Phoenix TYG

Phoenix is our most recent colt, foaled August 20th, 2020, just a day after the LNU fire started (which is where his name comes from). He is stunning! He has lovely markings, natural athleticism, and a smart, curious mind, which makes us believe he will be great for any English discipline in the future. He is being raised in a large pasture next to a busy road so he can grow up having room to run and play and get used to a roadside environment.

His mother (Didn't You Know AKA Carmen) is a Northern Dancer, Pas de Nom, Seattle Slew, mare. Her pedigree is available on her page.

Phoenix's sire is a very quiet, talented dressage horse turned children's hunter (which absolutely speaks volumes for his character) approved for breeding by RPSI, ISR/OldNA, and GOV.

Pictures of Phoenix's sire, Rosall, are included with his pictures.

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