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Rosall (Phoenix's Sire)
Rosall (Phoenix's Sire)

Phoenix TYG (aka Phoenix)

Phoenix is a very special colt, foaled August 20th, 2020, just a day after the LNU fire started (which is where his name comes from).  He is blessed with German Rubinstien/Calypso/Abhang DNA crossed with the best of American Throughbred DNA.  His sire is pictured standing and showing as a Children's Hunter.


 Pheonix has a natural "calm focus" paired with bravery, athleticism, and a curious, personable mind.  He is being raised in a large pasture with 2 dominant mares to give him the opportunity to grow up in a natural environment for optimal tendon,  muscle and social development with "Boss mare" discipline.  His large pasture is next to a busy road so he is used to a roadside environment with lots of activity.   Pheonix's half brother was sold to an Eventing trainer in North Carolina and was registered Trakaner. 


He is absolutely stunning, and very straightforward to work with.  He will be tall, rkings, natural athleticism, great conformation, and a naturally curious mind, which makes us believe he will be great for any English discipline in the future.  


His mother is a quality thoroughbred named Didn't You Know AKA Carmen and she is a Northern Dancer, Pas de Nom, Seattle Slew, mare (see "Didn't You Know" under the "Bloodline References" tab)

**Pictures of Phoenix's sire, Rosall, are included with the pictures above.**

Phoenix's sire Rosall is a very quiet, talented dressage horse turned children's hunter (which absolutely speaks volumes for his character) approved for breeding by RPSI, ISR/OldNA, and GOV.

Information on Rosall:


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