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Rosall, Phoenix's Sire
Rosall, Phoenix's Sire

Phoenix TYG

Phoenix TYG, born August 18, 2020, is a lovely gentleman with smooth, floaty gaits and a calm, easy-going mind.

He was gelded Dec. 2022 so has a well-defined neck and body, easy to handle and train with a puppy-dog personality due to his Rubinstein bloodline.

Currently being ground-driven/double-lunged, lunged with side reins carrying a 40lb. Western saddle, loads into our trainer easily, stands for the farrier, hangs out politely with trainer while other horses are being trained in the same ring, and just started free-jumping (as much as our wet footing allows).


He has a sweet curious, friendly disposition, natural intelligence, effortless movement, quality conformation, impressive DNA and is overall a very chill guy. Because of all these qualities, he would likely excel and enjoy life as a hunter or dressage partner, though we wouldn't be surprised at all if he became an eventer or all-around sporthorse.


Phoenix's mother (Didn't You Know AKA Carmen) is a Northern Dancer, Pas de Nom, Distorted Humor, Seattle Slew, mare (see "Didn't You Know" under the "Bloodline References" tab).

Phoenix's sire Rosall is a very quiet, talented soul who started as a dressage horse in his younger years and then became a children's hunter later (which absolutely speaks volumes for his character). He is approved for breeding by RPSI, ISR/OldNA, and GOV. 

Information on Rosall:

**A picture of Phoenix's sire are the last two pictures included above.**


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