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Fae's full brother, Finn
Fae's full brother, Finn

Fiona TYG 

Fiona was foaled August 2019, and as she has a special pedigree with the rare "old fashioned' Hanoverian sire FABRIANO crossed with arguably the best of American Thoroughbred DNA (see Dam info below).  Currently under saddle, but could also be a fabulous broodmare (the very successful hunter/Hanoverian sire, Westport, is of the Fabriano/Weltmeyer line and Debbie McDonalds horse Felix was a Fabriano son.)

Currently she is being ridden under saddle, after a year of 3xweek training to allow her to grow  physically and mentally.  Her first year of training included:. ground-driving/double-lunged, lunging with side reins carrying a 40lb. Western saddle, loading into our trainer easily, standing for the farrier, "hanging out" politely with her trainer while other horses are being trained in the same ring, and/or galloping in an adjacent field. 


She just started free-jumping (as much as our California footing allows, since this has been limited currently due to CA soil: VERY hard adobe and summer temperatures of 110 regularily. 


Note about the pictures above:

  • The above chute jumping picture was taken during one of her first jumping attempts (to see if she liked it and to assess her potential).  She is showing much more bascule when she takes larger jumps... but that flat back over small jumps is an equitation riders dream.

  • She is now being ridden quietly in the ring without a lead and has never shown a tendency to buck, bolt or shy.. rather Fiona (true to her sires temperment,  is innately brave and comfortable apart from the herd, and "stops to think" if unsure of anything new, then moves out once reassured of its safety... a credit to her year of "exposure for trust" training, that is often omitted in the current money-driven colt-starting.

Fiona's full brother (see Fenomenon aka Flareon/Muffin) in the last two pictures above) was sold to an Eventing trainer in North Carolina and was registered Trakaener. He is pictured in the last two photos above, ridden by his trainer and owner of MacJordan Training Stables, and they are currently showing at Lexington vicinity.

Currently Fiona is 16.1h with a focused, thoughtful, brave mind and enough talent to satisfy the most discriminating buyer. Her parents are 16 and 16.2 hands, but her line is very slow developing, but once mature, they are treasured partners and rarely sold.


Fiona's mother (Didn't You Know AKA Carmen) is a Northern Dancer, Pas de Nom, Distorted Humor, Seattle Slew, mare (see Didn't You Know under the "Bloodline References" tab).


Fiona's sire is Fabriano, a quality versitle Celle Hanovarian stallion.

Here are the incredible results from the Stallion Performance Test he did in 1990 (Adelheidsdorf):

Overall score 133.02 / 1st of 36

Dressage score 128.55 / 4th 

Jumping score 132.37

Information on her classic "Hannoverian stallion of the year" sire Fabriano:

Pictures of Fiona's sire, Fabriano:

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