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Fae's full brother, Finn

Fennekin TYG (aka Fae)

Fae TYG, foaled August 2019, and as she has a special pedigree with the currently-unavailable "old fashioned' Hannovarian, FABRIANO crossed with arguably the best of American Throughbred DNA (see Dam info below).

Fae has a focused, intelligent, friendly mind and enough talent to satisfy the most discriminating buyer. Her parents are 16 and 16.2 hands.


Fae has natural bravery, athleticism, and a curious, personable mind. She is being raised in a large pasture in a herd to give her the opportunity to grow and exercise herself in a natural environment for optimal tendon and muscle development.  Also, she has an incredible half-brother Pheonix, who is currently for sale.... who also is blessed with special old-fashioned German DNA crossed with the best of American Thoroughbred DNA.

Fae's full brother (see Flareon TYG in "Sold Horses" tab) was sold to an Eventing trainer in North Carolina and was registered Trakaener. He is pictured in the last photo above, ridden by his trainer and owner at MacJordan Training Stables, and they are currently thriving at training level in eventing.


Fae's mother (Didn't You Know AKA Carmen) is a Northern Dancer, Pas de Nom, Distorted Humor, Seattle Slew, mare (see Didn't You Know under the "Bloodline References" tab).


Fae's sire is Fabriano, a quality Celle Hanovarian stallion.

Here are the incredible results from the Stallion Performance Test he did in 1990 (Adelheidsdorf):

Overall score 133.02 / 1st of 36

Dressage score 128.55 / 4th 

Jumping score 132.37

Information on Fabriano:

Pictures of her sire, Fabriano:


Special thanks to Christina Perea for the use of her pictures!

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