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Dolce is a 16.1h Appendix QH and  personable, forward, sensitive, intelligent and "very cute".  She appreciates a rider who knows how to use "body and weight cues/aids" (rather than harsh hands), is calm, confident and understands "natural horsemanship" techniques.  She is more "go" than "whoa" being over 1/2 Throughbred.  She is being sold because her rider/trainer has graduated from college has moved to LA to start her “real” career. 

She is very willing and eager to please, and has a puppydog, follow-you-all-around personality. She is 16.2h, has always been barefoot, stands for the farrier, loads and hauls well, and ties and cross-ties. She has off the ranch experience which includes boarding and riding at UCD Equestrian Center, and (thanks to our friend Richene) she had six weeks of training at Graceland Equestrian Center at the end of last year.    She was then brought home to be worked  by Heidi Masem in basics.  Since Heidi's relocation to So Cal, she is teaching a beginner to ride and  being worked in hand and on long lines.  She would make a lovely Hunter, Equitation, Working Equitation, Western Dressage, or all-around Western trail horse.  

Dolce's Pedigree (shown as Dulce):

Videos of Dolce:

English Video:                                                                                                 

Western Video:

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