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Callie is currently 16.3h.
She is a registered Appendix QH,, born 2015, 1/2 TB, 1/2 quarter horse. Callie's sire is Sharp Writer JC, so her DNA is more than 1/2 Thoroughbred, but has more "whoa than go". She has always been barefoot with NO history of injuries, lameness, or colic.

She  was saddle-broken by trainer Tom Diaz at 4,continued her training with us on the ranch, than spent 8 months at Graceland in Castro Velly, being ridden by a professional and an amatuer. She was very straightforward to work with.


She has smooth, with easy-to-sit gaits and is straightforward to work with. While she is now working with a beginner, we have eased up on her jumping training but are still emphasizing teaching her solid, respectful ground manners, trust, partnership and strengthening with lunging, long-lining, in hand work, round-penning, and light riding (by aforementioned beginner). Since she is still filling out her withers and back, it is hard pin down her forte, although she seems unfazed by any commotion around her and has the confidence to go away from her herd to explore things. This makes her seem to be a natural candidate for trails, fox hunting, and cross country/eventing. Additionally, she enjoys variety and likes to jump.


More recently, she was taken to a busy show barn for 9 months, where she did extensive hills/trails, and was taken cross-country schooling, all of which she did exceptionally well with (especially with the introduction of water and rugged jumps).


She loads and hauls well, ties and stands for the farrier, and is inherently very curious so she isn't scared by much.

She will make a wonderful amateur partner in wherever her new owner wants to go, English or Western.

Callie's Pedigree:


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